Lisa Taranto -

Spa Owner & Manager

After years of working for various spas, Lisa Taranto has created her own boutique spa, The Indio Spa, at the WorldMark Resort. Lisa has been a massage therapist for over 20 years and has managed spas for 15 years.

Being a therapist helped her to see from the clients perspective. To know what the client needs and wants, hence bringing all treatments to a high quality level, in a beautiful relaxed environment. With great creativity Lisa has created a unique wonderful menu with special treatments. which are unusual to find. From the relaxing atmosphere at the spa to the quality of the treatments, it is all created by the special ability of Lisa to pay attention to details.

Lisa has a special eye in buying and gathering a wonderful collection of clothing and accessories for the Indio Spa's Boutique. This unique touch she has, came from years of traveling and working in Italy, India, Bali and Thailand. Lisa practices meditation and Yoga regularly and lives a healthy, spiritual life that is filled with abundance and contribution to the community. In the last ten years, since Lisa created the Indio Spa, hundreds of people have benefited from the services and special ambiance the Indio Spa offers.


Nirman Yaron Green

Spa Owner & Manager


Nirman is the partner of Lisa in life as well in their profession.

Being a shiatsu therapist for many years and having a background in event production it comes natural to him, to be a part of the Spa management.
Nirman is in charge of all spa graphics, web designing and logistics. Since he joined the spa around 2015, he got to be in charge of the spa's private events as well.
Nirman is a musician as well as a group leader. He is a teacher of music and meditation. He keeps his world wide career beside his occupation in the Indio Spa.

His ability to be a group leader helps the spa staff to be more efficient and harmonious.