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High quality treatments for well-being!



Massage is known as an important and effective way to enhance your well being. Using a combination of techniques, it is a treat for the‭ ‬body‭, ‬mind and spirit‭. Massage Improves circulation, ‬relieves aching muscles and joints‭, and reduces stress and tension.


Exfoliations remove the top layer of dead skin cells‭. ‬Renewing cellular growth and aiding in the removal of toxins and impurities from the entire body‭.‬ Leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth‭.‬

Wraps cocoon the body with these high quality products that detoxify and relax.



For every type of skin‭, ‬customized to your needs‭.‬ Our product lines come from the richest sources of botanicals and enzymes‭.‬ All facials include‭: ‬Deep cleansing with exfoliation‭, ‬steam‭, ‬extractions‭ (‬where appropriate‭), ‬massage‭, ‬a mask and a moisturizer‭.‬


Share an intimate moment with a beloved one. Treat your partner and yourself, or a friend, to be treated in the same room prepared especially for couples massage. Bringing a deep sense of health and well being, for the time you share together.

Celebrate a special event with your friends and family. We offer the Spa exclusively for your event. You can book your spa party for 2 to 3 hours for 8-10 people after 5pm, 7 days a week, including holidays.


Treat yourself with a majestic combination of treatments. We suggest winning combinations from a variety of services. You can customize your own "Spa Treatments", according to your needs. Call our desk for consultation and we will make sure you leave with a smile.


Add- Ons are short treatments that can accompany  any massage, facial or wrap. Choose between a variety of them from the menu for an exquisite  relaxing treatment.

Have a look at our Promotions, in which we offer a combination of Add - Ons, as a treatment by itself. We have many other great offers like the new CBD Massage and more.

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Private Events

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