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Massage Therapist and Esthetician


Linda Bee is a well experienced massage therapist and a aesthetician, working over 25 years in the industry.
Her education in therapy is extensive and covers many modalities including shiatsu, deep tissue, prenatal, advanced skin care and more.
Linda is very appreciated as an aesthetician and specialises in anti-aging and the Epicurean product line which the Indio Spa uses in their facials.. She combines an anti aging special shiatsu face massage that is unique and effective.
Linda is very experienced in working with women in all stages of pregnancy, including massage during labor.
Linda Bee and Lisa Taranto worked together at the Parker Hotel Spa and the world famous Givenchy Spa.

She joined the Indio Spa  crew in 2010 and has become a highly recommended and requested therapist for the quality of her treatments and her vast knowledge and experience.